Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster

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Okay guys. So my life is spiraling downward.

Turned on my computer yesterday to see it was having battery problems. I figured my battery was low and i needed a new one. So I took it to the tech place at my college to have a tech dude look at my computer. Turns out SURPRISE I somehow got water in my computer and it corroded the motherboard. My computer no longer recognizes that I even have a battery so it refuses to charge. Guy said the repairs would cost somewhere around 800 dollars. So my posting here my drastically decrease for a while. Hang with me guys. I’m trying to hold my life together.

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Anonymous asked: who was that post about?

It was about 6 different people. Each sentence refers to someone and the thought I have the most about them.

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Unique late night wonderings about a handful of my past somethings.

  1. I wonder if you still have that blue jacket I bought you.
  2. I wonder if you still have the notebook I wrote in for you.
  3. I wonder where I’d be if I didn’t wake up when I did and realized you are a monster.
  4. I wonder where we’d be if I hadn’t drank that night.
  5. I wonder how much longer we would’ve tried to last if I didn’t pull away.
  6. I wonder if you tell your kid about me like you said you would.

Just in case you ever wondered if you crossed my mind still.

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cute gender neutral dating terms for the signs


Aries: dirt pile

Taurus: memer

Gemini: nerdlord

Cancer: ANGRY nerdlord

Leo: feisty young’n

Virgo: strategically draped piece of fabric

Libra: anime trash

Scorpion: le hawt nb yaoiz partner

Sagittarius: cutie patoot but also NEEEEEEEEERD

Capricorn: the coolest cat around

Aquarius: emotional wreck but MY emotional wreck

Pisces: avril lavigne fan

this made me laugh so hard i cried

(via theshinymew)